Cameron Stuart is a playwright and a poet, a composer and a songwriter, an experimenter in prose and video. His work often involves roads, songs, rituals, history as memory, and the inevitable betrayal of words, among other things. He writes to discover what precedes and also survives the advent of language.

His work in its various iterations throughout numerous mediums has been shown or read in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, St. Louis, Portland, OR and Tallahassee, FL.

In 2011 he was awarded an arts grant from the Art on the Beltline project to develop his plays The Storm and Police in the Wilderness, performed as The Specter and His Ceremonies (pictured above). He participated in the Fiction Collective 2's writer's workshop, Writer's Edge, in 2008.


Police in the Wilderness - developed through a grant from the Art on the Beltline project in Atlanta, GA (2011)
The Storm - developed through a grant from the Art on the Beltline project in Atlanta, GA (2011) - includes score for two clarinets, percussion ensemble, and chorus
Orpheus in Dream World - developed in conjunction with the Dodekapus Art Collective for their art show I Can Dream All Day in Atlanta, GA (2011)
The Adventures of CloudEater and 500 Channel Girl,
Episode one - Vasilisa and the Wolf - developed as artist-in-residence at Couch Couch in Atlanta, GA (2010)
Battle of Atlanta - written for The Lobster Mobster Poetry Collective's second performance at Couch Couch in in Atlanta (2010)
Apocolaypto'd - developed as part of EMP Collective's show We're All Gonna Die in Baltimore (2010)
The Moss Lady - premiered by the Tympanic Theatre Company in Chicago (2008)
The People vs. The Ancient Society of Concerned Citizens - Premiered by the Half Pint Players on the Mickee Faust stage in Tallahassee, FL (2006)
Prisoners and their Captive Captors - Developed and performed by the Organic Artists Forum for the Slusher Street Theater in Tallahassee, FL (2005)

The following videos were all produced, directed, and edited by Cameron Stuart. All except Einstein's Brain feature Stuart's cinematography. Stuart composed scores for Cups (guitar), Open Sesame (Korg DW-8000), and Castor and Pollux (piano).

Cups (2011) - Experimental video
At Work (2011) - Documentary series following local artists at their day jobs
Open Sesame (2011) - Interactive video installation, premiered at High Museum of Art
Castor and Pollux (2010) - Narrative video based on the poetry of Mallarme and Cocteau
Apalachicola: Living Legends (2006) - Documentary on Apalachicola, FL's history
I Love Zombies (2005) - Narrative/experimental video examining the limits of genre in film - includes research essay
Ouija Hell (2004) - Short narrative video made in conjunction with the Independent Filmmaker's League
Einstein's Brain (2004) - Short narrative

The Battle of Atlanta as a Portrait of Twelve Moons - Poetry collection (2011)
Open Sesame - Interactive poem featuring video and music (see above) (2011)
How You Are Becoming a Werewolf - Prose, workshopped at FC2's Writer's Edge (2008)

In addition to composing scores for several of his videos and his play The Storm, Cameron composed a song cycle, How You Are Becoming 17 Werewolves, based on American poetry and folk music. He performed the songs in and around Atlanta in abandoned railway tunnels, dusty old mansions, and near rivers for small audiences. Stuart is also a member of the band PONY BONES - he plays harmonica and sings, and sometimes provides lead guitar. Stuart is featured on the new record Cock-a-doodle-do. Stuart also performed with gospel legend Johnny L. Jones as part of his record release for Dust to Digital as well as at Second Mount Olive Baptist church, playing lead electric guitar. Cameron also toured with Hurricanes of Love and with The Back Pockets, playing both guitar and harmonica. He has been an occasional member of several underground Atlanta bands in the folk, blues, and jazz idioms.

Stuart is an active arts organizer and community member. Stuart ran a performance revue open to the public at the WonderRoot community arts center for two years. Stuart helped April Leigh start the multidisciplinary performance space Couch Couch, and served as the artist in residence there for nine months. He regularly booked shows and ran events there. Stuart helped organize the art show I Can Dream All Day with the Dodekapus Art Collective. Stuart helped build and open the Slusher Street Theater with the Organic Artists' Forum in Tallahassee, FL.
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"A being who conceives of himself as a link in an evolutionary chain is going to act differently than one who thinks of himself as that being who stole fire from the gods." --Kenneth Burke

"Sappho says that to die is evil: so the gods judge. For they do not die."
--Aristotle, Rhetoric

"What is your greatest ambition?"
"To become immortal, and then to die."
--from Breathless (1960) dir. Godard

"Film will only become art when the materials are as inexpensive as pencil and paper."
--Jean Cocteau